Bees collecting pollen from flowers at Anglesey Abbey, Cambridgeshire.  August 2014.

Bees collecting pollen from flowers at Anglesey Abbey, Cambridgeshire.  August 2014.

Took this the other week, in front of my dad’s house there’s loads of lavender and I just love the stuff.  I love the colour, not to mention the smell.

Took this the other week, in front of my dad’s house there’s loads of lavender and I just love the stuff.  I love the colour, not to mention the smell.

Where would you love to travel to? Who are your heroes and why?

Sorry for the delay, been a tad rubbish lately!

Okay, so….  Where would I love to travel to?  Possibly easier to list where I would not like to travel to.  I would love to go to South America, especially Argentina to ride horses, learn Argentinian Tango and pick up some Spanish.  I’d love to see a sloth, walk in a real rainforest and see the ruins of ancient civilisations.  I’d also love to travel around more of Asia, see more monks and temples, feel the warmth of the sun and see the colours of their festivals.  I want to do a road trip across the US, stopping to eat at diners and see sights like the worlds biggest ball of yarn!  Hike through Canada’s national parks, glimpse a grizzly and marvel at orcas.  Meet native tribes and get to know the locals of the eastern states like New Foundland.  I want to spend a few months travelling Germany and Austria perfecting my German.  I want to take the Orient Express and go on an epic train journey.  I want to go so many places!

As for my heroes?  I need to spend some more time pondering this one, let me get back to you!

What activity or event makes you feel most alive?

This is going to sound really lame, but I’d have to say running.  I am an infrequent runner these days, but it always makes me feel terrific (after the initial heaving of the chest and redness have died down) and puts me in the best of moods (the one where you hum and dance whilst cooking dinner).  I am a complete wimp so rides at theme parks leave me terrified these days (that big drop one at Lotte World left me shaking).  So running, and travelling somewhere new (such as arriving in ROK which terrified me but will always be the highlight of my life).  How about you hollifina?  And amijang and mardibum come to think of it!

What did you study at the University? What makes you laugh uncontrollably?♥♥♥

I studied Wildlife Biology (this was renamed by friends several times to include the titles Monkey Studies and Poo studies - I spent a class on the identification of different faeces of wild animals).  It was a great course.  The Minions from Despicable me always make me laugh :)

The weekend cometh!

Wrote this this morning….

I don’t know about you, but I am one happy girl!  Today is FRIDAY, which means the weekend is peeking it’s beautiful head around the corner and beckoning me to join it.  You shouldn’t wish your life away, but I will be happy when 3.30pm comes today (I luckily finish an hour early on a Friday).

Do you have any fun plans for this weekend?  I am seeing a whole host of friends for dinners, lunches and catch ups.  I am also painting eggs with my housemate on Sunday!  And, I hope to do some catching up on my blog reading, feeling horribly out of the loop with everyone, not good.  So I’m thinking, breakfast in bed with my laptop tomorrow?

On a side note, I just have to sing the praises of my housemate.  Our living in this lovely house together, with our on and off live in landlord, has been a real surprise and blessing for me.  She is lovely and the perfect housemate for me right now.  Yesterday, when I had gone down into the kitchen before leaving for work feeling all tired and woe is me, she was a positive and motivational breath of fresh air.  Thanks to her I went for a run after work yesterday, and what a difference it made to how I felt!  Like an instant happy patch.  I was so happy the rest of the evening, after a blurgh day at work, and got loads done.  So, I just had to say a big thank you to the cosmos for putting us in the same house at the same time, she rocks.

Ooh, I watched a fab film last night!  OK, so it’s not a real, credible film, but I loved it.  It’s called “Stick it” and it’s about gymnastics.  My friend Anna and I are partners in crime when it comes to watching bad dance films together, so it may not surprise that I was loaned this film by her.  It was a feel good bit of cheese with some great gymnastics and a kick arse soundtrack (as in Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy).  I’ll find you a trailer…

Have a great day everyone. x

The internet affect

I love the internet, believe me I live on it most days, but I think it can really have a negative affect on a person if used in the wrong ways.

Of course, there’s that whole internet gaming fiasco, kids (and adults) getting addicted to games.  Gambling’s another issue.  Not to mention people with bad intentions.

But I mean something different.  Social media, Facebook, Twitter and, heaven forbid, even blogs can have a negative affect on a person.  I find myself perusing pages and looking at other peoples’ lives and comparing.  I sit here thinking “I wish I was there” or “why didn’t I do that”.  Heck, you can compare yourself to the world and their ancient techn-capable grandma if you want to.  Whatever you are good at, or think you have a flair for, given two minutes online, you can find 100 people better at it than you are.

Of course, the door swings both ways, you can choose to become demotivated or to be spurred on by the possibilities, inspired by some strangers idea.

Me?  Right now I’m of the former frame of mind.  But, maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to knock some sense into myself.

Feeling pretty lucky

I’m “touching wood” as I type this as I don’t want to jinx my good fortune.  I’ve spent my first afternoon and evening in my new home and I feel very lucky.  The French girl (I really need to ask her name again) I am living with is really nice.  We just sat and watched “Call the midwife” together, whilst getting to know one another.  She seems great and I think we shall get on just fine.  The house I am in is really, REALLY nice, I can’t quite believe my luck.

Now just the job box to get ticked…

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend and that the sun came out for you too.

Sunday 17th February 2013  21:13


Just to let you know, I am in Cambridge and I have found somewhere to live!  Starting tomorrow I will be renting a room down by the river, round the corner from my old place!  How?  It’s who you know…  Thanks to my old landlady, as in who I rented from last time not as in she is old, I have found a room in a gorgeous house.  It may not be super long term, but hopefully it will be for a few months (just going to have to wait and see on that account).  Tomorrow, I should be able to move in!

I don’t have a job lined up for Monday, but I have been meeting with temp agencies, so hopefully something will crop up soon.  I’ve been lucky enough to have some great friends up here, one in particular deserves a mention as she has been putting me up since Wednesday.  The lovely Helen.  Thank you times a million!

Right, I need to go walk around and such things.  I want to find some pretty  fairy lights for the new room, any ideas?   Not to be purchased now, I’m just scouting some out.

Have a fabulous weekend.


P.S.  Will try and do a massive FMS photo catch up on Monday!

Saturday 16th February 2013  10:44

Happy V day everyone

Wishing you all a nice day, whether loved up or not.  Thank you for reading x